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Will beauty equipment or medical beauty overdraft the activity of human collagen?

September 24, 2021

Latest company news about Will beauty equipment or medical beauty overdraft the activity of human collagen?

Anti-aging medical beauty items and anti-aging beauty devices have the effect of guiding the production of collagen and will not overdraw.


There will not be a situation where "after doing a medical beauty project or a beauty instrument, it will slowly consume the collagen in the next few decades".


Generally, collagen reaches the highest peak at the age of 18, when the face is firm, full and elastic. After the age of 20, the amount of collagen production will gradually slow down. After the age of 25, the amount of collagen loss will increase and the production will slow down, and wrinkles and facial collapse will begin to appear. . The fascia layer also gradually loosened, and sagging problems began to appear. So this is the reason why people want to fight aging and the starting point-stimulate collagen production and facial lift.


Medical beauty items such as ultrasonic knife, heatmaggi, heat lift, radio frequency, etc. can effectively rejuvenate the face. The effect cycle of different projects is different. Take the hot Maggie recently, it will achieve the best effect between 6 months and 1 year after the operation, and then gradually start the consumption of its original collagen.


Probably this is the process:

Loss of collagen → after the project → the production of collagen becomes more and the loss becomes slower → the collagen is slowly lost with age after 1-2 years


Everyone must accept the loss of collagen. Medical beauty projects and instruments are used to assist the production of collagen to make the production faster and slower in the process of loss.


Therefore, there is no overdraft problem, and there is no situation that can prevent the loss.


The beauty instrument is the same as the medical beauty project on this issue. It will not make you too young, will not make you aging faster, will not overdraw your collagen, but will only make your face (or body skin) age faster. Slow, it will make the face firmer and younger during the effective period.


Author: Mua Little Beast

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